One step closer… Live My Passion Part II


If you have been following my blog or my Facebook page you might have seen a goal that I shared a while back (Past Blog Post). In a nut shell what I made public to the world is my ambition and desire to help others improve their health by way of becoming a coach or trainer.  This past weekend I had the honor and pleasure of attending an amazing facility in Florida. The IMG Academy’s Ignite 360 Coaching & Sports Performance Training Course.  It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget.  The coaching philosophy and methodology is in my opinion the best around. It’s this coaching style and technique that has helped me get to the where I am today. It was surreal to sit through the course and remember my journey and understand how each of these things we talked about helped me and still helps me today.  We all have inner athletes within us, a competitive side that when engaged the right way will empower each other to improve ourselves and those around us through competition. The thing that is the most important to remember is there is only one person to compete with, and that is yourself! The weekend was spent doing hands on training, getting in several workouts and networking with 1656262_484830764956791_1432513018_nsome amazing people (Photos of IMG). I won’t go into extreme detail about the course, but trust that the time I spent there was vital to my progress of becoming a coach and mentor to others. I left the IMG Academy more empowered and motivated than ever before. I will complete my goal of becoming a coach and mentor to those who seek help. I know I have much to learn and with diligence, hard work, time and patience the knowledge will come.

It’s my time to pay it forward, I’m ready to start living my passion:

Here is what I am looking for…

Do you know someone who needs some motivation to improve their health, shed some ounces, or are you that person?


Post from Instagram. After class had wrapped up on Sunday night I hit the beach for a short jog.
We all have times in our lives that we will remember forever. I will never forget living life at 452 pounds. It’s a struggle I never want to forget. I use those feelings to push myself out of my comfort zone everyday, every workout and especially over the course of this weekend! Find what inspires you, light that internal flame and change whatever you want changed in your life. Surround yourself with inspiration, don’t be afraid of failure. Never say “I can’t” and most importantly believe in yourself because anything is possible! I will leave Florida tomorrow morning even more inspired and motivated than before. I want nothing more than to motivate and inspire others through action. I owe my new lease on life to so many, I am forever grateful! #sheddingounces #452neveragain #fnsstrong #inspire #motivate #lifechange

I would like to assist someone with a journey of major life change and weight loss. I admit I am no expert but I know with your dedication, together we can improve your life for the better.  Have you been trying to exercise and diet but never seemed to stay dedicated to a plan? I know the cycle of losing 50 pounds only to gain 75 all too well. Are you ready to commit to yourself, to put in some hard work and reap the rewards of a healthier you?  I will match your dedication to the process, you give me 100% effort and I ensure you I too will give you the same. I am not promising miracle rapid weight loss here, I want to help you to change the way you think about food, exercise and overall health. My goal isn’t for you to lose 100 pounds in two – three months, it’s to establish healthy habits that lead to long term success. Don’t get me wrong rapid weight loss can happen and in your case it might… but the goal is to change your life for the long term.  Here is the catch…. There isn’t one . I would like that you live local in my area so we can train together as much as our schedules permit. The only thing I ask from you is honesty throughout the process, trust in me and when times get tough (and they will) that you lean on me and those around you for support! I don’t want money, not a single dollar – just your dedication! There is no time limit on my assistance, I will work with you one on one for the rest of your life if you choose…  If you are interested in doing this or know someone who might be please email me at or IM on my Facebook page ( for more details. I don’t have to know you personally, if I do that is OK too! If I don’t know you at all, be prepared to make a new friend!!!!

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