Live My Passion – Sharing a Major Goal of 2014

The time has come for me to share with everyone one of my major goals for 2014. This has been in the making for a while and now the first stage of this process is underway. Outside of my fitness and health goals exist life goals. When this whole thing started I had no clue just how much impact it would have on me. The true blessing has not been my change in physical appearance or health but the people this journey has brought into my life as well and the past relationships that have gotten stronger. I have always been a very giving person. I find extreme joy in providing for others. I have a big heart and have no problem lending a helping hand.  It’s simply the way I was raised.
Before I started my journey, I sat down with my wife and had a long conversation about how this was the time “it was going to be different.” Keep in mind my wife had seen me try to lose weight countless times. Poor Meghan had seen me lose 50 pounds only to gain 100 more on multiple occasions. She had watched me hide my emotions in countless bags of fast food. She witnessed firsthand the self-inflicted abuse that my addiction to food caused. She always showed concern, we fought often about it and it was always a sensitive subject. She has since admitted that there were times she even cried about it alone. I would like to think that she too thought this time was different, but I can’t imagine it was much different than past conversations we had.  This time I explained I needed to be selfish with my time, it meant long nights at the gym – time away from my family and more stress on her. She understood why it needed to be that way; WE understood why it needed to be that way. This was for the long haul, I was 452 pounds and on the verge of major health complications that were certain to lead to an early grave. That life would leave my wife alone to raise our beautiful boys and  that was not how I envisioned their futures or mine for that matter. We made a plan, one that allowed for the time I needed and one that she could temporary live with.Time went on and the long nights in the gym became routine, my eating habits changed and my addiction to food began to improve. As I saw results and success it suddenly didn’t feel like I was taking time away from the family, but rather adding to my life span so I could be there even longer. I stayed motived and would like to think that my story is one of success. I know I am far from “cured” of my addiction to food, but my life has drastically changed. I live a very healthy lifestyle and the best part about it, so do my amazing wife and kids. We are all active and eat much better than before. This whole process didn’t just change me, it changed the ones I love most, the people I did all this for to began with. I didn’t plan for that to happen, it just did.


SO…. I tell you all that, to tell you this. My goal for 2014 is to live my passion. I want to become a trainer so I can coach and inspire others to improve their lives through fitness. Several months ago I reached out to those who have helped me for guidance on where to start this process. I am happy to say that I have got the ball rolling! When my journey started, I didn’t know it would bring me to the mental and physical place I am in today. I started my blog as a way to chronicle my mental state throughout my journey. I quickly found that my actions along with words inspired others. That was not my original intent, but it happened. As time progressed and my new life introduced me to more and more people, some seeking assistance with weight loss and others who have walked that road already I found a true urge to help others. I have a strong passion for helping others. I have an even stronger passion for helping others change their lives. I have walked in the shoes of a 452 pound man, I don’t ever want to live that life again and I want to do whatever I can to provide necessary guidance to those who are willing to put in the effort to make the necessary changes needed to live a healthier life. If I woke up every day and my “job” was coaching people, helping them to reach their potential, helping them to understand that they are capable far beyond their own expectations then I could never call that work. It would never just be a job, it would be my life’s work, my passion in living form. I feel like now, finally after everything I have gone through… this life I now live all happened for this reason.  I have no doubt that that I will be successful. I have the support of my wife and family and this is the next step in my life and journey. I realize that there are lots of things that I need to do prior to coaching or assisting others and have started the process of educating myself in the necessary areas and plan to continue that education all through the year and my life. I am very blessed to have the support of my family, friends and mentors along this journey and I am beyond certain this will be a successful endeavor because this is my passion.

Until Next Time – FNS Athlete, simply training for LIFE!  




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    I love this post so much. And I’m so grateful you decided to head down this path with so much passion and enthusiasm, and I feel lucky to be one of the people you are helping!

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